Is that so? (When Undergrads Write)


“For this essay she first assumes, simply for the sake of argument, fetuses are people from contraception to death.”

—   I’m a little unclear about how this is supposed to work.

“Without a doubt, philosophy has bore many great and influential philosophers since the dawns of time, one of them whom went by the name of Emmanuel Kant.”

—   SUPER fuckin sic.  

“Ethics is better with imperialism.”

—   If I could, I would annex other theories!

“Freud is dumb. Religion isn’t infantile. Freud is infantile.”

—   Oh, so good.  

“the most coveted people in our society have never set foot on a battlefield.”

—   Lusting after the wealthy

“Utilitarian’s objective is to act in accordance to achieve utmost euphoria.”

—   Think I’ll be a utilitarian now.

“There was an insurmountable amount of death back in this time.”

—   "We just… couldn’t… get over it."

“Descartes is ‘I think therefore I am.’ These are the kinds of things this guy thought about.”

—   Category mistake?  

“A lot of what goes into the Allegory of the Cave has everything to do with truth, maybe, and how they are going to explain the differences.”

—   “Philosophers talking about truth. Crazy.”

“Cultural Relativism refers to cultures in poverty tend to stay in poverty. They all tend to make the same choices that keeps them poor, including selling drugs, crime, unemployment, teenage pregnancy, etc. The problem with this theory is it makes a stereotype towards blacks in ghettos which can be seen as racist and immoral.”

—   How DARE they.